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A crossbow consists of a bow-like construction mounted on a stock and oriented horizontally. Crossbows can have a compound or recurve construction. Compound crossbows, much like compound bows, rely on a series of cams, or pulleys, to reduce the draw weight of the bow. On recurve crossbows, the tips of the bow curve away from the archer, which increases the speed of the bolt. Arrows, or bolts, are loaded on top of the stock.

How To Compete in Archery — 2021 Edition

25 February 2021, 3:58 pm

How To Compete in Archery — 2021 Edition

We are now into the second target archery season with COVID-19 restrictions affecting the U.S. Unlike last year, when most — if not all — tournaments were totally shut down, there are several options for feeding your competition bug this year. Probably the easiest option will be to participate in tournaments at local archery clubs […]